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metropolitan policepolice central e crime viruswest yorkshire police virus

The new type of viruses out there are commonly referred to as ransomware.  These are the ones such as the metropolitan police virus, west yorkshire police virus, cheshire police virus, and the police central e-crime unit virus.


These viruses generally say you've done something wrong / illegal on the internet, they say you must pay them £100  within 48 hours or you will get a criminal record.  Basicly this is a load of rubbish, at the computer centre, our technicains can remove this fake / scam message.


cryptolocker virus

The latest scam is a virus called crypto locker, this locks down all of your valuble data, which you can't get back until you pay them the ransom.  Their are two versions of this currently one is very easily removed by ourselves, the other unfortunately, no body can get rid of, keeping your data.  This is the reason the Computer Centre recommends backing up your valuable data, photos, documents, music etc onto a usb pen stick / memory stick, and only plug it inthe computer or laptop when you need to backup your data.